Iran navy enjoys prestige on intl. stage: Commander

Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, made the remarks while speaking to reporters before noon on Tuesday, where he also stated that the effectiveness and efficiency of the navy in the high is very high. 
Stating that having a presence in the high seas come with complexities, Rear Admiral Irani said, “There is no one higher than us on the list of capabilities, and when a navy fleet is present in a country, it shows the high level of Iran’s economy, culture, science and knowledge, etc.”
Pointing out that the country has a lot to say in various fields, including industrial technologies, Irani added, “The effectiveness of our destroyers is such that when we enter a country, the people of that region after observing the behavior of our forces will realize many issues and are surprised.”
Stating that Iran has never been isolated and has prestige on the international stage, he continued, “We visited countries in the region and the world frequently during sea voyages, and these visits have been effective in gaining that prestige.”

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