Iran navy issues warning to US submarine in Start of Hormuz

Speaking to the national Iranian TV on Thursday, the commander of the army navy Admiral Shahram Irani said that “that submarine was approaching the Strait of Hormuz in complete silence and under the water, which was spotted, identified, and intercepted by the [Iran’s] Fateh submarine and was forced to go to the surface with destructive maneuvers and had to cross the Strait while remaining on the surface of the water.”
Admiral Iran also said that this submarine “had approached the waters of Iran to some extent,” adding “With the necessary warnings and with an escort, it changed its route and continued its way out.”
The Navy commander added that this American submarine was a “modern nuclear submarine named Florida,” which violated Iranian territorial water in violation of international law. 
The Army Navy commander further described the move by the US submarine as an unprofessional and dangerous move, saying that Iran will definitely report it to the relevant international bodies to hold Washington to account for violating Iran’s territory in the Strait of Hormuz.

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