Iran not to accept new Swedish ambassador: FM

Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian announced tonight (Friday night) that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not accept the new Swedish ambassador following the desecration of the Holy Quran, adding that the Iranian ambassador will also not be sent to Stockholm as well.
“The Swedish ambassador in Tehran has finished his mission, and according to the president’s order, we will not accept the new Swedish ambassador, who is supposed to arrive in Tehran over newt few days until the Swedish government takes a serious action against the person who insults the Holy Quran,” the foreign minister further clarified.
He added, “This is the decision that Mr. President asked me to be done and to announce this decision to the Swedish government that we have taken this action.”

The comments by Amir-Abdollahian come only few hours after his phone call with his Swedish counterpart on Friday evening, during which the top Iranian diplomat called for taking legal action against the person who insults the holy Muslims book and bringing him to justice.
“The person who committed this unforgivable insult must be detained, tried and held to account for his actions. Otherwise, Sweden has to wait for the decisive decisions of the Islamic countries,” he told Tobias Billström.

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