Iran not to stop progressing under increased pressure

Major General Hossein Salami made the comments at a ceremony held in Tehran on Monday to appoint the new commander of IRGC Khatam al-Anbia Construction Base.
“Today, the enemy has brought all the pieces on its political chessboard altogether with all their might against the holy Islamic Republic of Iran and the glorious [Islamic] Revolution. The pieces of this chess are all working together and this means that this nation has grown too magnificent, strong and resistant that its standing firm on the battlefield victoriously,” the IRGC commander said.
General Salami added all the plots that the enemy had designed against Iran, have come out to be be failed.
“None of the enemy’s dreams about us came true and what it thought about us returned to itself. In defiance of all, the Iranian nation has shone [in different fields] and this shining continues,” he added.
He also urged for further independence and relying on internal resources instead of looking toward the West, saying since the Islamic revolution, Iran has relied on its own capabilities and this path will continue with might to gain more achievements. 

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