Iran policy based on constructive cooperation with Nicaragua

Speaking on Wednesday in a meeting with Gustavo Porras, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Nicaragua, in the Nicaraguan parliament building, Ebrahim Raeisi said, “Parliaments are considered the home of nations based on real popular votes, and the presence of real representatives who have people’s vote in the legislatures bring peace to the people.”
Referring to the views of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini (RA) and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, regarding the true belief and reliance on the votes of the people, the President considered the cooperation of the parliaments of the two countries to be effective in developing relations between them and stated, “Parliamentary friendship groups are a suitable platform for strengthening the relations of friendly countries with each other, and this cooperation can lead to strengthening the relations of countries in the regional and international stages.”
The President also said that the reason for the enmity of the imperialists with countries that rely on the real votes of the people is following the will of the people instead of their interests, and clarified, “This is where the war of wills takes place between the will of the people and the will of the imperialists in countries with true democracy. And therefore, great powers have always tried to influence the parliaments of such countries.”
Raeisi considered the secret of the success of the popular parliaments in the fact that they have not forgotten their popular support and always put all their efforts into solving people’s problems and noted, “I am happy to be present today in a parliament that emphasises standing against the tyrants and imperialists; The two principles of being revolutionary and remaining revolutionary are important here, and it is a source of happiness that the revolutionary figures of Nicaragua have always remained revolutionary.”
The President stated that Iran’s policy is based on constructive, friendly cooperation with Nicaragua, and said, “The current good cooperation between Tehran and Managua has a lot of room to develop, and according to the will and determination of the leaders of the two countries, there is no obstacle to developing the cooperation between the two countries.”
For his part, Gustavo Porras welcomed the President and the members of the high-ranking delegation in this meeting and stated, “Friendship with the government and people of Iran, as a country that has fought for its right to self-determination and preserve its identity with Nicaragua, it is a source of pride for us.”
The Speaker of the National Assembly of Nicaragua stated that we feel a sense of friendship and affection from your words, and clarified, “Just as no force is capable of defeating the revolution of our countries, no force is capable of creating a rift between our nations and governments.”

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