Iran prepares response to IAEA resolution: MP

Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Abbas Moghtadaei told on Monday that the United States and the European Union have adopted a hypocritical stance in the face of the Islamic Republic because they send messages while acting in contradiction to their claims.

The West utilizes all available tools against Iran; although their sanctions could not bear fruit, he said, adding that they persist on their previous methods despite the fact that they acknowledged their maximum pressure doomed to failure; so, they ended up in a strategic standstill.

The lawmaker warned that the West put pressure on the IAEA to change the course and approve a resolution, which will harm cooperation between Iran and the UN nuclear watchdog.

The US and Europe are experiencing outdated attempts such as sanctions, which caused more progress in Iran and brought nothing pleasant for them, he noted.

As to the impact of anti-Iran resolutions, Moghtadaei argued that such resolutions are in fact worthless in terms of technical aspects and that political differences prompt them to issue the resolutions; of course, the Islamic announced that it will respond to the recent resolution firmly.

The American authorities try to sow discord between neighboring countries and the Islamic Republic, he said, adding that Washington is concerned about cooperation among Russia, China, and Iran.

The Iranian officials have prepared a package to respond to the Board of Governors resolution, which will be publicized by authorized centers in the future, he concluded.


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