Iran pursuing Gen. Soleimani’s effort toward Muslim unity

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian made the statement in a post on his Twitter account on Sunday in reference to the latest critical developments in West Asia, including the resumption of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the readmission of Syria into the Arab League after more than a decade.
“Striving for unity and brotherhood between the Islamic Ummah and the oppressed and cognizant people of the region was the very same plan that the ‘General of hearts’, beloved Qassem Soleimani, the great hero of the fight against Zionism and terrorism, did not sleep over for 30 years! Obviously, this plan has enemies, but it is important that the plan is being vigorously pursued,” Amir-Abdollahian wrote.
The top Iranian diplomat met and conferred on Saturday with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan, who had traveled to Tehran on the first visit since the two West Asian powers agreed to restore ties following a seven-year rupture.
Farhan also held separate talks with President Ebrahim Raeisi, who said enemies, particularly Israel, are the only ones furious at the improvement of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Last week, Iran officially reopened its embassy in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in line with a China-brokered reconciliation agreement.
Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed in Beijing on March 10 to resume relations and reopen diplomatic missions within two months.
They also agreed to implement a security cooperation agreement signed in April 2001 and another accord reached in May 1998 to boost economic, commercial, investment, technical, scientific, cultural, sports, and youth affairs cooperation.
The rapprochement is part of a broader realignment in West Asia that has also seen Syria return to the Arab fold after 12 years.  
On May 7, Arab government representatives in Cairo voted to return Syria to the Arab League. All 13 of the 22 member states that attended the session endorsed the decision.
The Arab League suspended Syria’s membership in November 2011, citing an alleged crackdown by Damascus on opposition protests. Syria said the move was “illegal and a violation of the organization’s charter.”
Syria was one of the six founding members of the Arab League in 1945.
Gen. Soleimani spearheaded Iran’s advisory mission in Syria, at the request of the Damascus government, to rid the nation of Daesh terrorists.

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