Iran reacts to discovery of more mass graves of Canadian indigenous children

He said refusal to present clear reports on the unearthing of these mass graves indicates the true extent of this human catastrophe and is reminiscent of crimes committed during the UK-controlled white people’s tyrannical and racist rule in this country.

“These major and heinous crimes have been committed in a country whose government has, by putting on deceptive and hypocritical shows, always tried to create the impression that it is an advocate of human rights and express its opinion as an interventionist country about developments in other countries as if they were beholden to it,” he explained.

The spokesman said, “The Canadian government’s slogans and claims are aimed at shifting the blame onto others and deflecting attention from its complicity in this human tragedy and bear testimony to the fact that this government and its allies are using human rights as a tool to impose their biased political viewpoints on others”.

He expressed regret and deep concern over the large extent of these crimes and historic genocide while sympathizing with the Canadian indigenous community, saying, “These crimes against humanity will never remain undisclosed to true justice-seekers around the world, and the Canadian government should be held accountable for its dark past.”

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