Iran reacts to interventionist stances of German Chancellor

“When it comes to a historical similarity, it is proper to refer to extremism and modern ambitions appeared in Germany and they result in nothing but spreading violence and hatred just like the failures of leaders before World War II,” Kanaani added, as referring to repeated interventionist stances of Scholz towards the Islamic Republic of Iran during his recent trip to Argentina.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed, “Unfortunately, nowadays we are witnessing that some try to present a positive image of themselves by using “Power through human rights” and they even show themselves a pioneer in this field”.

Also, Nasser Kanaani questioned Germany about its instances on brutal atrocities of the Zionists against Jenin, while adding, “German politicians avoided making a remark regarding the atrocities of the Zionist regime”.

Olaf Scholz on Sunday tried to interfere in domestic affairs of Iran by making allegations against the recent unrest in the country.

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