Iran ready for drawing up, signing comprehensive plan for long-term cooperation with Syria: Amir-Abdollahian

In the meeting, Amri-Abdollahian extended Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s greetings to Assad, stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers Syria’s security and progress as its own security and progress and will continue its strong support for Damascus.

The Iranian foreign minister then pointed to good and close consultations and cooperation between the officials of the two countries, especially at the level of foreign ministries and said his visit to Syria was aimed at continuing and completing exchanges of views between Tehran and Damascus over issues of mutual interest at bilateral, regional and international levels.  

Amri-Adollahian also expressed pleasure with the expanding trend of Syria’s foreign ties, saying this shows the importance and significant position of Syria in the region.  

He stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always put emphasis on political solution instead of war, and, as a result, Tehran welcomes the positive developments in the political ties of Syria with other countries.

The Iranian foreign minister underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran trusts the prudence of the Syrian president and government. Amri-Adollahian further voiced pleasure with the expanding trend of ties between Iran and Syria and stressed the necessity of strengthening these relations in all areas of mutual interest more than ever before.

Referring to the Syrian president invitation of his Iranian counterpart and joint planning for the visit by President Raisi to Damascus, Amri-Abdollahian expressed confidence that the trip will pave the way for further bolstering friendly and brotherly relations between the two nations in different spheres.

The top Iranian diplomat then spoke about the significance of paving the road for long-term cooperation between Iran and Syria, saying the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for drawing up and signing a comprehensive plan for long-term cooperation with Syria.

Amirabdollahian also underscored the need for making it possible for the two countries to work together bilaterally and multilaterally in order to help with and participate in Syria’s reconstruction.

Speaking about the recent developments in Iran, Amirabdollahian said, “We left behind a hybrid war in which some Western countries played a meddling and inciting role, but they were defeated.”

The Iranian foreign minister further briefed the Syrian president on the latest developments in the nuclear talks aimed at removing illegal sanctions against the Iranian people. Meanwhile, Amirabdollahian gave some explanations about the issues discussed at the Baghdad II Conference in Jordan.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for his part gave his warm regards to the leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and the Iranian president. Addressing Amirabdollahian, Assad said, “Your Excellency’s visit is important for us both bilaterally and in regional terms.”

Assad added that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the closest country to Syria and “it stood by us in the war and we will not forget the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support.”

He also emphasized the importance of President Raisi’s upcoming visit to Syria, noting that Damascus is ready and firmly resolved to make joint efforts and help make the visit as much successful as possible.

Assad further outlined the latest political and diplomatic developments with regard to Syria. He stressed the necessity and importance of continuing consultations and coordination between Iran and Syria regarding important and strategic bilateral and regional issues.

The Syrian president underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran is Syria’s partner, adding, “We have been together and will support each other in different fields.”

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