Iran ready to build oil refinery in Burkina Faso: oil min.

Owji made the remarks in a meeting with Olivia Rouamba, visiting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Burkina Faso on Monday afternoon.

Referring to Iran’s vast capacities in the field of energy, Owji said that in a meeting with Rouamba, it was decided that with the cooperation of engineers and specialists of the two countries, a refinery would be built in Burkina Faso and the exports of various petroleum products to the African country would begin.

Both sides have favorable capacities and negotiations were held regarding the export of oil products and the export of technical engineering services as well, he cited, adding that the two countries are trying to turn the MoU that was previously signed into a contract and start its implementation.

Burkina Faso has profitable mines, such as gold mines, which can supply part of Iran’s industry, he added.

Rouamba, for her part, said that there is a favorable prospect for cooperation between the experts and engineers of Iran and Burkina Faso to build an oil refinery in her country so that they can meet the needs of their citizens in terms of the production of petroleum products.


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