Major General Mohammad Bagheri made the comments in a message to the Pakistani Army Chief Lieutenant General Asim Munir where he expressed his sympathy with Pakistan over the Friday terrorist attack in the Baluchistan province.
The top Iranian general said that the terrorist attack on Eid-i-Miladun Nabi in the Balochistan region that resulted in the death and injury of a lot of innocent citizens brought a lot of sorrow and grief.
He expressed confidence that the perpetrators behind the crime will find no way to escape and with the efforts of the Pakistani armed forces and the security and judicial institutions, they will be identified, arrested, tried and punished soon.
“Declaring the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces for any cooperation and companionship in the all-out fight against terrorism, I would like to condemn that barbaric, anti-religious and anti-humane act,” General Bagheri’s message further read.
He concluded his message of condolence by asking God Almighty for forgiveness for the dead and a speedy recovery for the injured and offered sympathy and condolences to the Pakistani army chief, the armed forces, the government and the nation.