Iran ready to transfer experiences to Turkey on NPPs

The AEOI chief made the remarks in a meeting with the Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Hicabi Kırlangıç on Monday.
Referring to the deep historical ties between Iran and Turkey, Eslami stressed that the geopolitical position of the two countries has caused Tehran and Ankara to pursue understanding and friendship in their relations.
Saying that the enemies are seeking to disrupt the relations between Iran and Turkey, the Iranian official hailed the wisdom of the two countries over developing the level of relations through joint cooperation. 
He also wished the Turkish envoy success in his mission and called for re-establishing cooperation between the two countries over exporting Iranian radiopharmaceuticals to Turkey.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Eslami expressed Iran’s readiness to transfer its experiences over maintaining, repairing, and utilizing nuclear power plants.
Eslami, further stressed that Iran is pursuing its peaceful nuclear activities within the framework of international standards.
The Turkish envoy, for his part, stressed that Ankara’s stance on the use of peaceful nuclear energy is clear, and the Republic of Turkey supports the right to use peaceful nuclear energy by various countries, including Iran.
Referring to the illegal sanctions imposed on Iran, the Turkish ambassador emphasized that unilateral sanctions are detrimental to the international community and the people of the region.
He also called for boosting the cooperation and the level of relations between Iran and Turkey.

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