President Raeisi, upon his arrival to Tehran at the end of his three days trip to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly, said: “During the trip to New York, we explained the stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the direction of securing interests and values of the Iranian nation.

“During this trip, we had 20 meetings and communication with elites and politicians, President Raeisi said, adding, “This time, the voice of the Iranian nation was more expressive than all the years.”

The president added follow-up of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs resulted in the release of Iranian heritage.

On the return of Iran’s heritage, Raeisi said, “We took 3,506 tablets back to the country and the rest of these tablets will be returned soon.”

The President also said that attending the UN General Assembly was an opportunity for communication and clarification of positions.

He called expressing the country’s position and securing its values the two “important issues.”     

The President went on to say that those who ignore values put themselves in the direction of protecting the interests of others.

Stating that the foundation of the Islamic Republic of Iran is cooperation with all countries, the president added: “In the meeting with elites and media people, we felt that the image they (media) present of Iran is not real.”

It is the responsibility of the media and officials to present the real picture of the country to them so that they do not fall into miscalculations.

RHM/Iran Press