Kanaani noted that such allegations are part of the US propaganda campaign against Iran.

He said the US officials question conventional defensive and military ties between Iran and Russia as they continue their unfounded claims and illegal actions against the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman added that the propaganda campaign of the US that is based on lies and deception, pursues different goals including pressuring the Islamic Republic, promoting Iranophobia and covering up Washington’s war-mongering policies.

Kanaani reiterated that just as Iran has stated multiple times, the Iran-Russia cooperation in different fields such as their joint defensive work is expanding in line with the mutual interests of Tehran and Moscow and with the rights and international commitments of the two nations and that this cooperation poses no threat to any third party.

He underscored that Iran acts independently when it forges its foreign relations and it does this in line with its national interests while respecting international rules and laws. Kanaani added that Iran will not ask for permission from anyone for its foreign relations.

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