The full text of the statement follows:

Mr. President,

I thank you for organizing this important open debate.

The situation in occupied Palestine territories has deteriorated. The UN reports indicate that the year 2022 has been the deadliest year for the Palestinian people since 2006.

The Israeli regime has persisted with its oppressive, expansionist, and apartheid practices, as well as systematic violation of the human rights of Palestinians, through killing innocent people, including women and children, stealing and demolishing the property of the Palestinian people, and forcibly evicting them from their homes.

Today, Gaza has become the world’s largest prison, and the voice of the oppressed people of Gaza is silenced. Many people, including women, and children face severe deprivation and violations of their basic rights.

 This is a crime against humanity, a violation of all international laws and norms, and a serious threat to international peace and security.

Mr. President,

For 74 years, such brutal crimes and atrocities have been committed against the Palestinian people without ceasing, and neither the occupation has ended, nor has the occupier and apartheid regime faced any consequences.

Today, the Palestinian people need effective support and decisive action from Security Council to stop the aggressor and end the occupation, not its sympathy.

The Israeli regime ignores and violates brazenly all UN resolutions, including the Security Council resolutions.

Due to the Security Council’s silence, all UN resolutions from the past several decades have remained on paper only while we continue to witness more atrocities committed against Palestinians by such a despicable regime.

This regime is fully aware that, due to consistent support and a cart de Blanche from one permanent member of the Security Council, it will not be held accountable by the international community.

Members of the Security Council must consider whether any UN resolutions, particularly those urging an end to the occupation, settlement expansions, or blockade of Gaza, have been implemented.

Mr. President,

We believe that the conflict in Palestine can only be resolved if the occupation ends and the inalienable rights of self-determination of the Palestinian people, are fully recognized, restored, and protected, resulting in the full restoration of Palestinian sovereignty over the entire Palestine.

This, however, will not be achieved until the Security Council’s inaction remains an option. The Council’s current position has only encouraged and emboldened the Israeli regime to perpetuate its occupation and atrocities against the oppressed people of Palestine.

The Islamic Republic of Iran regards it as its duty to support Palestine’s legitimate rights to resistance to the oppression and aggression of this apartheid regime, in line with the right of self-determination, and this will be our principled policy until the occupation ends.

Mr. President,

The representative of the Israeli regime attempted to abuse this Chamber once more, resorting to fabrications and lies and making repeated allegations by accusing Iran of hostile actions and malicious activities that this terrorist regime has conducted and is continuing against regional countries and beyond.

Iran categorically rejects all these baseless allegations. It is obvious that the purpose of such unfounded accusations is to deflect attention from the meeting’s agenda item, which focused on the atrocities committed by such Apartheid regime against the Palestinian people, as well as its systematic and deliberate violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in the occupied Palestine territories.

Today, at this meeting, the representative of this rogue regime has gone beyond that, blatantly threatening a member of the UN to use force in this Chamber, in a flagrant violation of the UN Charter and international law.

The Security Council must condemn strongly such reckless and belligerent statements, which can pose a threat to regional and international peace and security.

We also totally reject the unjustified and unfounded claims levelled against my Country by the representative of Albania, who deviated from the Council’s agenda issue.

Iran has already rejected these unfounded assertions and detailed its position in its letters to the Security Council dated 10 September, 19 October, and 24 October 2022 (S/2022/685- S/2022/776- S/2022/794).

Given the UN Security Council’s unique role and mandate in maintaining international peace and security, we believe that membership in the Security Council entails greater responsibility and more professionalism.

I thank you, Mr. President.


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