Iran seeks coop. with Balkan states to strengthen stability

Ali Bagheri Kani made the remarks in the meeting with the visiting Serbia’s State Secretary Ambassador Goran Aleksić on Sunday. 
The two sides discussed Bilateral issues, regional developments, and international events. 
They also expressed satisfaction with the expanding process of cooperation between the two countries in various fields.
Bagheri considered Iran’s approach towards Europe to be based on cooperation and mutual respect, adding that the general policy of Iran has always been to promote stability and security in Europe. 
He described the Balkans as the core of security in Europe, stressing that Iran’s approach towards this strategic region is cooperation with the countries of the region with the aim of consolidating stability and security. 
Stating that the promotion of commercial cooperation between Iran and the Balkan countries, especially Serbia, is a necessity, he added that stability and security depend on the consolidation of economic ties.
“Therefore, increasing trade exchanges and promoting economic cooperation is not just an economic goal, but a security strategy”, he further said. 
Goran Aleksić, for his part, stated that the policy of the Serbian government is to expand relations with friendly countries, especially Iran, in all fields.
He appreciated Iran’s support for the territorial integrity of Serbia, and stressed that the President of Serbia wants to develop relations with Iran in all existing fields.
The senior Serbian diplomat further called the increase in the volume of trade between the two countries an inevitable necessity and described the efforts of the embassies of the two countries as a worthwhile contribution to achieving that goal.

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