Iran seeks economic integration, multilateralism: Raeisi

On Wednesday night, after returning from a 2-day trip to Indonesia, President Ebrahim Raeisi told reporters at Tehran Mehrabad Airport that, “Our relationship with different countries is based on regionalism and neighborhood policy.”
The President continued that the economies of Tehran and Jakarta are complementary to each other, adding “The trip to the most populous Muslim country in the world, which has a special and privileged position in the region and also in the ASEAN, had different aspects.”
Raeisi recalled that “During this trip, 11 documents for cooperation were signed in economic, trade, cultural and energy fields.”
He added, “The Indonesian side announced its readiness to equip 12 important hospitals in their country with Iranian medical equipment.”
The President further noted, ” It had been more than 17 years since the amendment to the preferential tariff in the field of trade between the two countries had not been concluded, and we reached an agreement during this trip. This agreement makes trade between the two countries and the region smoother.”
He added, “In addition to the energy and economic fields, there were good MoUs in the historical and civilizational fields as well.”
Raeisi emphasized, “The relationship between Iran and Indonesia is an unbreakable as it is a deep-rooted relationship. In the regional and extra-regional areas, Iran and Indonesia have common approaches. There are shared views between the two countries in supporting the people of Palestine, Afghanistan and Myanmar.”
He added, “The will of the officials of the two countries is to develop and strengthen economic, political and cultural relations. The expansion of relations between the two countries started from the trip.”

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