Referring to the recent attacks of the Israeli forces on Jenin, Kan’ani wrote in a tweet that 12 people were martyred and 140 others were injured following the raid.
He added that the Zionists’ raid left a lot of houses and shops damaged and destroyed, and water and electricity networks out of work.
“Will the US and Europe demand the formation of a truth-finding committee from the Human Rights Council? Never!” he added.
On Monday, the Tel Aviv regime launched a major aerial and ground offensive in Jenin and its refugee camp, martyring at least 12 Palestinians and injuring dozens.
The military assault marked the largest in the occupied West Bank in around two decades, as the regime deployed armed drones and hundreds of troops against innocent Palestinian civilians.
Israeli regime’s troops also forced hundreds of families in the Jenin camp to leave their homes in preparation for demolishing them in order to reach the resistance fighters.
A steadfast Palestinian resistance response prompted the regime’s troops to finally pull back from Jenin on Tuesday evening following a 44-hour-long incursion.