Iran summons UK envoy over meddlesome remarks

Following the posting of meddling remarks by the British ambassador to Tehran Simon Shercliff on one of the social networking websites at the same time as National Journalists Day in Iran, he was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Director General of Western Europe on Wednesday evening, a statement by the Iranian foreign ministry said.
In the meeting, the Iranian foreign ministry lodged a strong protest against his remarks that were made outside normal diplomatic regulations.
The Director General of Western Europe Affairs at the Iranian foreign ministry emphasized to the UK envoy that, “Uncalculated, irresponsible and out of diplomatic norms are clear examples of interference in internal affairs and are unacceptable.”
The Iranian diplomat also pointed to the destructive actions of some London-based media against the Islamic Republic of Iran under the pretext of freedom of speech, telling Shercliff that, the UK, with its not very good record of behavior towards the Iranian people is not in a position to comment on the Islamic Republic of Iran.
He further noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran as a strong country will not allow its sovereignty to be ignored by some uncalculated actions.
In response, the UK ambassador emphasized his country’s will to keep its respectful relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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