Iran, Syria discuss joint coop. in legal, judicial field

Amin Hossein Rahimi, who is on a visit to Syria, met and held talks with the Syrian minister of Justice Ahmed al-Sayyed on Wednesday. 
During the meeting, means of forming a joint legal committee to defend the common issues of both countries before the international forums was discussed, SANA reported. 
The Iranian minister referred to the role of the Syrian and Iranian ministries of justice in confronting the American and Zionist policies.
“At this stage, we are facing a lawfare, and we must defend well”, Rahimi said, calling on the international forums to condemn the crimes committed in Syria and the states that are part of the Resistance Axis.
Rahimi considered the recent meeting between President Raeisi and President Bashar al-Assad in Syria as a real turning point in the Tehran-Damascus ties. 
“During my visit to Syria, I will follow up the issues addressed by the Iranian president, especially in the judicial field, in addition to the formation of the joint legal committee,” he added. 
The Syrian minister, for his part, stressed the necessity of promoting the exchange of experience in judicial work, holding workshops and international conferences in this regard.
“We call for implementing the international law, that there would be a legal deterrent to the Israeli regime aggressions against Syria. Legislation must not be according to the moods of some in the West countries” he stated.

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