Iran, Syria stress need for implementation of agreements

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who is on a visit to Damascus at the head of a delegation, met and held talks with the Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous on Wednesday. 
Amir-Abdollahian conveyed greetings of Mohammad Mokhber, the First Vice President of Iran, and convey the Iranian first vice president’s his invitation to the Prime Minister of Syria to visit Tehran for the 15th High Commission Meeting between the two countries. He considered the holding of this session as significant for accelerating bilateral relations.
Describing Syria as a friend, brother, and ally of Iran, and Iran as a friend of Syria during its difficult times, Amir-Abdollahian emphasized the need to strengthen the brotherly bonds between the two countries.
The Iranian foreign minister considered the previous meeting of the two presidents in Damascus and the signed agreements as a demonstration of the strong determination and high resolve of Tehran and Damascus to develop comprehensive relations between the two countries.
He attached importance to the recent visit of the high-ranking delegation of Syria to Tehran, the joint emphasis on the necessity of trade facilitation, banking cooperation, car production line, cooperation in the field of energy, including oil, gas and electricity.
He further stressed that the support of the two governments in the implementation of these agreements is important.
Referring to the signing of the comprehensive cooperation document between the two countries during the visit of the Iranian President to Damascus, Amir-Abdollahian considered it a roadmap for comprehensive cooperation between the two countries, which can facilitate the strengthening of cooperation in the bilaterally-agreed fields.
Hussein Arnous, for his part, pointed out that the government and people of Syria appreciate Iran’s support to Syria, adding that the relations between the two countries are deep-rooted, friendly and brotherly.
Stating that Syria cam out victorious after 12 years of pressure and war, he added that now the enemies of the Syrian nation are trying to continue to put pressure on the government and the Syrian nation by imposing sanctions and economic pressure.
Referring to the previous agreements between the two countries, he expressed satisfaction with the progress made in the implementation of these agreements and the implementation of the bilaterally agreed projects.
He considered the process of implementation of the agreement on the implementation of power plants in Syria by Iranian companies as an important project.
He also congratulated Iran on its membership in the BRICS group and considered it as bearing testimony to the high economic potential of Iran and its diplomatic strength.
The Prime Minister of Syria also expressed satisfaction with the progress in the Iran-Saudi Arabia relations and considered it beneficial for the region.

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