Iran thanks Sudan, SA for Iranians evacuation from Khartoum

“From the beginning of the unrest in Sudan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (of Iran) seriously put the issue of removing 65 Iranian nationals living in this country on the agenda, and after making the necessary arrangements, the safe transfer of Iranian nationals from Khartoum to Port Sudan and then their departure and dispatch to the Jeddah port took place,” Kan’ani said on Saturday.
Saying that necessary arrangements have been made to transfer the 65 Iranians from Saudi Arabia to Iran, the senior Iranian diplomat added that in this regard, the effective cooperation of Saudi Arabia and the assistance of the Sudanese government were helpful, which deserves appreciation and thanks.
The conflict between the army and the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan, which jointly led the October 2021 coup in the country, has intensified in recent months.
Earlier this month, Kan’ani expressed his concern about the recent unrest in Sudan and urged the Sudanese to exercise restraint and engage in dialogue.

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