Iran to become grain transit hub: Russian official

Vladimir Kashin, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture at the Russian State Duma made the remarks in a meeting with two lawmakers from the Iranian parliament held at the Duma of Russia Federation which focused on the development of bilateral parliamentary relations.

“Moscow-Tehran relations are growing at the will and guidance of the leaders of the two countries, which parliaments can help to materialize efforts at the highest levels,” the senior Russian lawmaker said.

Highlighting that Russia and Iran are both under international sanctions, Kashin added “Bilateral parliamentary cooperation can help boost relations and fulfill the agreements signed between the officials of the two countries.”

Referring to the growing trend of Iran’s cooperation with the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, Kashin expressed hope that by completing the process of Iran’s free trade with the members of the union, Tehran’s trade relations with Moscow and other member states of the union will witness a sharp increase.

The Russian parliamentary official further pointed to the Iran-Russia agreements in the agricultural field and said, “We have agreed to reduce the commodities checking time as well as the expenses (duties). Therefore, Iranian goods and products can be imported to Russia more quickly, on the one side, and the transfer of Russian goods to Iran will also accelerate on the other side.”

Iran to become grain transit hub: Russian official

Rahmatullah Nowrozi, deputy chairman of the Agriculture Commission and Vali Esmaili, deputy chairman of the Social Commission at the Iranian parliament were representing Iran at the meeting, where they voiced the Iranian side’s readiness to expand relations with Russian Federation by trying to remove barriers in the way of those ties.


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