Iran to continue supporting Yemeni people: Raeisi

“As in the past, the Islamic Republic of Iran supports the rights of the dear people of Yemen and the dialogue to determine the fate of the people by themselves, and we hope to see more cooperation between the two countries with the establishment of peace and stability,” the Iranian president said in a telephone conversation with the Yemen’s Chairman of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat on Friday.
Expressing hishappiness with the results of the recent talks which have been held with the aim of resolving Yemen’s issues, the president said, “We are concerned about the humanitarian situation in Yemen, but we hope that with the continuation of political talks, we will see the complete release of prisoners, the lifting of the blockade on the people of the country, and the establishment of a permanent ceasefire.”
The cariman of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, for his part, conveyed the greetings of the members of the political council of Yemen to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and expressed his appreciation for the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the people of Yemen. Al-Mashat also expressed hope that “God will bring the best to the Islamic Ummah in the shadow of the sympathy of the Islamic world.”
He also congratulated the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran on its successes in various fields in the last year and a half, and called for the continuation of the active role of the Islamic Republic in resolving the Yemen issue.

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