Iran to hold Khorsheed Festival on Abu Akleh martyrdom anniv.

Since its onset, the Iranian Islamic Revolution’s clear message was to hoist the flag of true Islam and create new senses for humans. The freedom-seeking girls and women in our homeland (Iran) and in other parts of the world are under the influence of this truly human movement (revolution) and are also effective activists and unparalleled harbingers in the campaign against invasion and destruction of culture and humanity in the way that Allah has shown them. 

Shahideh ” Shireen Abu Akleh” was a journalist working in the heart of danger for a quarter of a century to shed light on the crimes, attacks, and aggressions by usurping the Israeli regime against the Palestinian people in the occupied territories. She devoted her life to enlightenment throughout her career. She prepared and reported the most news items about the inhuman behavior of the Zionist regime to the world. The Zionist regime, which has martyred more than a hundred journalists since its establishment after occupying Palestine and has never been held to account for any of its vicious crimes, last year on this day, shot Shireen Abu Akleh in the head in a bid to silence her voice. She was martyred, but her method of shedding light on the truth will never stop, and men and women who are campaigning hard in the realm of journalism will carry on her mission to shed light on the truth. The path she showed will continue.

In the meantime, some mainstream media in the world, which are directly or indirectly managed or financed by the usurping Israeli regime have been trying for years to destroy morality, authentic culture, and any voice that opposes the capitalist culture. With their propaganda, those media seek to silence or restrict freedom-seeking voices such as Sheerin’s.

We feel obliged to support the freedom-seekers in today’s world and not abandon them alone in the dangerous path they have stepped on; Especially the women who shine like the Sun in the darkness and die for a bright future to create a world free from oppression, exploitation, and injustice.

The Deputy of Media Affairs and Information of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran is going to hold a festival in memorial of Sheerin Abu Akleh with a focus on women and media.

The festival will be entitled “Khorsheed” (the Sun) . All freedom-seeking journalists across the world would be welcome to participate in the event to show their unity, strength, and impact.

Farshad Mahdipour, 

Deputy Minister of Culture And Islamic Guidance For Media Affairs And Information

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