Iran to pursue rights in Arash joint gas field: oil min.

Javad Owji made the remarks on the sidelines of the meeting to review plans and projects of joint oil and gas fields on Sunday. 

“The Islamic Republic of Iran always supports the amicable settlement of border and maritime issues with its neighbors”, he said. 

Regarding Arash gas field, Iran advocates for unified and joint exploitation as well, he added. 

“Anyway if there is no willingness for cooperation, Iran will secure its rights and interests in exploiting and exploring those aforementioned resources on the agenda and will not tolerate any breach of its rights,” he added.

Arash gas field, located in the north of the Persian Gulf, in the neutral zone between Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, holds an estimated 20 trillion cubic meters of in-situ gas and 310 million barrels of in-situ oil.

The field, which is called Al-Durra by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, was discovered in 1967.


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