Iran to start oil production in Sepehr-Jufair fields soon

“Now, a significant part of the first phase of the development plan of these fields is ready to be launched, and there is a possibility of starting the daily production of about 20,000 barrels of crude oil from these fields in the coming weeks,” the CEO of PEDEC Abouzar Sharifi said on Saturday.

He noted that the comprehensive development and production plan of these fields includes three phases with the first phase of their development gaming to achieve the production of 36,000 bpd.

Sharifi said that since the 13th government took office in August 2021, the development of  Sepehr-Jufair fields started to accelerate.

According to him, the development project of the fields created jobs for as many as 3,000.

Sepehr and Jufafir oil fields are integrated oil fields located in Khuzestan province and West Karun region about 60 kilometers to the southwest of Ahvaz city. The PEDEC which is part of THE National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) is tasked with the fields development project.

Development of Sepehr-Jufair Field is going to be done in 3 Phases with a overall capacity of 110,000 bpd.


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