General Salaami addressed people in a ceremony marking the 11th martyrdom anniversary of General Hassan Tehrani-Moghaddam in Tehran on Friday, saying that the foes have created a joint front and thought that they could hinder all paths, but their efforts were doomed to failure, so they are incapable of reaching their goals because the Iranian nation is not being stopped and it moves forward.

The enemies try to involve Iran in its internal affairs in order to hamper the Islamic country from looking at high goals, he said, adding that we targeted anti-Revolution forces in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, held a massive military exercise near Aras River, launched a satellite into orbit, test fired Bavar 373 missile defense and announced yesterday that we developed a new missile, which is not containable by any defense system.

We have told the foes that we will disturb their peace, so they have not been in peace for the last days and are on red alert, the commander said, noting that they are afraid of Iran and they send messages constantly via some countries, urging us not to react.

The Iranian nation is changing the enemies’ calculations, he said, mentioning that the foes mistakenly thought that they can provoke some misled youths, who are a part of us, in order to confront an international revolution.

The crimes committed by the enemies would not be left unanswered, Salaami said, arguing that the foes always are being defeated due to their own mistakes, and this time they will experience the same.


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