Mehrdad Bazrpash made the comments in the meeting with the head of the Transport and Communications Agency of Turkmenistan which is linked with the Cabinet of Ministers on Tuesday. 

Bazarpash emphasized strengthening the relations between the two countries by pointing out that the two countries have a lot in common in transportation matters.

“Our approach in the government is to develop relations with all neighbors, including Turkmenistan,” he added. 

Stating that there are 600 wagons passing through shared Sarakhs and Incheh Borun border crossing every day, Bazrpash said “Considering the potential of these borders, we should look for a further increase in wagons.”

Stressing the revival of Ashgabat agreement, the Iranian minister suggested that the implementation and operational phase of the Ashgabat transit agreement be followed up on in the joint economic commission of Iran and Turkmenistan, which will be held in Turkmenistan next month, with the participation of the member states.

 Bazrpash emphasize Turkmenistan’s greater participation in completing the North-South corridor, especially in the south of their country and on the Persian Gulf and added, “Currently, Arab countries have invested in the Persian Gulf, and Turkmenistan can also play a part in this corriodor.”

Considering maritime transportation, the Iranian minister said, “The two countries of Iran and Turkmenistan have many water borders, which facilitate the docking of commercial ships in Turkmenbashi port, strengthen the maritime search and rescue for vessels under the Iranian flag, and increase the level of services requested by the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Bazrpash also voices Iran’s readiness in welcoming Turkmen investors in the ports at the north and south of Iran.

Other issues emphasized in this meeting included the strengthening of air cooperation between the two countries and resolving visa-related barriers.