Iran, UN-Habitat to implement NUPP II

Iran and the UN-Habitat discuss increased cooperation during the meetings of Srinivasa Popuri, a senior officer of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) with senior urban policy-makers in Tehran.

Farzaneh Sadegh Malvajerd, the Deputy Minister for Urban Planning and Architecture and Secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council of Urban Planning and Architecture, informed of ongoing attempts for approving the first phase of the National Urban Policy Programme (NUPP) in the Supreme Council following its successful implementation, and also implementation of the second phase of NUPP in Iran.

In this regard, Popuri reflected on his views on implementing the second phase and said this document is a framework that guides urban planning policies not only in Iran but also in other countries. 

Establishing an integrated framework for urban planning in Iran, spatial planning for achieving a network of sustainable cities, and access to adequate housing are among the policies of the Iran Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Sadegh Malvajerd announced.

Arman Khorsand, adviser to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and Secretary of the National Habitat Committee (NHC) in Iran also welcomed the representative of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme to Tehran and said the exchange of experiences is an important aim for the expansion of the cooperation. 

Habitat is a strategic partner and a source of innovative approaches and ideas for having a better living environment for all, Khorsand further added. 

Considering the policies of Iran’s Government for the provision of adequate housing for all and Habitat’s strategic policy for promoting standard and resilient settlements, the collaboration would be very effective, the Secretary of the National Habitat Committee (NHC) said. 

At the end of this meeting, the two sides decided to expand joint cooperation by the upcoming session of the United Nations Habitat Assembly in Nairobi. Also, the UN-Habitat would hand in the report on its cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the comprehensive 5-year cooperation plan by the end of May. 

Srinivasa Popuri, the senior officer of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP), entered Tehran on May 6 to meet and discuss urban agendas with senior Iranian officials. 


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