Iran urges UK to pay heed to internal woes, stop meddling in Mideast

Kanaani categorically condemned the recent delusional and meddlesome comments by James Cleverly, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, on Iran’s rights in terms of utilizing peaceful nuclear energy as well as Tehran’s role in the West Asia region.

Such unfounded comments are a part of a hostile political campaign by Britain and certain European countries against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the spokesman argued.

According to the diplomat, Britain and certain European states, who should be held responsible for their inhuman acts against the Iranian nation at international entities, are undoubtedly incompetent to put forward such allegations and human rights accusations against the Islamic Republic.

It would be better for London to halt leveling unfounded and repeated allegations on Iran’s role in the region, and give up sowing the seed of discord among regional states and contributing to crimes against humanity, when it comes to selling billions of arms to their regional customers, and hand over regional peace and stability to the countries of the region, he urged.

On the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he underscored that the nuclear program is completely clear-cut and peaceful; so, Britain, which has not complied with the 2015 nuclear deal because of accompanying the United States, is not in a position to question the nature of the Iranians’ nuclear activities.

Elsewhere, Kanaani ruled out British officials’ claims on the connection of Iran-made drones and the Ukraine war, adding that the Western sides are those, who dispatched broadly arms and ammunition to the crisis, and constantly attempt to narrow down the opportunity to resolve the conflict via political and peaceful means.

We advise statesmen in London to utilize their capabilities to create stability in their own government and pay attention to broaden demands of the British people, including removal of discrimination and oppression against migrants and Muslims, instead of putting forward accusations against Iran, he stressed.


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