Iran, Venezuela prominent actors in new world order: FM

Gil made the remarks in an exclusive interview with the Lebanese Arabic-language al-Mayadeen TV network which was aired on Friday.
He emphasized that cooperation and interaction between Tehran and Caracas are meant to serve the mutual interests of both sides and maintain the global balance, pointing to the recent visit of Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi to Caracas and his meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. 
“Our countries are emerging powers and fundamental pillars of this new world order. There are many shared interests and a lot of common ground. As the presidents stated, we are sister states, and we have a long list of tasks to accomplish in the next twenty years,” he said.
The top Venezuelan diplomat added that he does not find the American model governing international relations to be viable, pointing to ongoing crises in the US.
Some 40 million people in the United States live in poverty, he said, emphasizing that the country has abandoned human values, and insists on plundering other nations’ resources and violating human rights.
“We see how the United States as a society is increasingly deteriorating, a society festering with racism, hatred, drugs, and a series of consequences that gradually increase due to this decay, leading to the end of this social model […] We are confident that this model will collapse,” added the minister. 
He also praised the resistance of the Iranian people against sanctions and the West’s so-called maximum pressure campaign, saying, “Young Venezuelans admire the resilience of Iranians.”
Gil said that Iran and Venezuela are the victims of sanctions and blockades, stressing that both countries are seeking a transition to a free world, and are doing that through the new political geography that is taking shape.
He said that both Iran and Venezuela are strongly opposed to imperialism, believe in multilateralism and the right of other nations to determine their own destiny and respect the UN Charter.
Gil hailed a 20-year cooperation agreement signed by Iran and Venezuela which was finalized last June, saying that it aims to enhance cooperation in various fields, including science, technology, mutual investment, oil and gas, mining, agriculture, petrochemical products and tourism.
He also described Iran as a “key player” in Eurasia, and Venezuela as a leading actor in Latin America in terms of its vast energy resources.
The Venezuelan foreign minister also underscored that neither Venezuela nor Iran are considering any act of aggression against others, and are only seeking that world nations be granted the right to determine their own destiny.
Gil also hailed the recent visit by President Raeisi to Caracas which was made this week as the first leg of his three-nation tour of Latin America. 
Iran and Venezuela have continued their revolutionary paths over the past decades despite the West’s hostile actions and belligerence, said the minister. 
He finally dismissed Washington’s concerns over growing relations between Tehran and Caracas, saying that the US is worried because both countries have chosen to be independent.

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