Iran welcomes continued consultations with Netherlands

Ali Bagheri Kani and Marcel DeVink held a phone call on Wednesday, during which the Iranian deputy foreign minister said “Iran and the Netherlands have various fields for interaction and cooperation, and despite some differences, they consider dialogue and consultation as the sensible way to secure their mutual interests.” 
“The Islamic Republic of Iran has maintained the foundations and bases of bilateral relations with its wise approach and expects the same approach from the other side,” he added.
Bagheri Kani further welcomed the continuation and an increase in political consultations between the officials of the two countries.
He also invited Marcel DeVink to visit Tehran.
Expressing gratitude for the Iranian side’s viewpoints, the Dutch diplomat said that the relations between Iran and the Netherlands have roots in the long traditions in the two countries. He added that the two sides should continue their contact and discussions based on mutual respect and understanding.
DeVink expressed his interest in continuing the contact between the two parties. He added that issues of mutual interest should be on the agenda of those bilateral contacts.
He also expressed hope to meet and talk with his Iranian counterpart at the earliest opportunity.
The two sides also discussed consular issues during the phone call.

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