“Iran will definitely defeat sanctions on its oil exports”

Amirhossein Zamani-Nia made the comment in the conference celebrating 60th anniversary of OPEC held in Baghdad on Friday.

According to local Iraqi media, the deputy Iranian oil minister, who heads the Iranian delegation in the Baghdad meeting said in his address to the meeting that the illegal US sanctions have caused disruption in the oil supply to the market, stressing that Iran will definitely beat those sanctions and will overcome them.

“The member countries of this organization seek to achieve stability in the global oil market”, he said, adding that OPEC is the only organization that has had a global economic impact in the past years. 

“Despite the existence of some political differences among the member countries, the positive impact of this organization on the global economy is obvious to everyone,” he further pointed out. 

Iraq’s Prime Minister, Mohammed Al-Sudani, also attended the ceremony. 

OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is one of the transnational organizations in the world, whose members seek to play an effective and beneficial role in the world markets by relying on their oil economy and oil production.


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