Iran won’t negotiate under pressure, threat

Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Kanaani referred to the JCPOA revival talks and said, “The contradiction in behavior and speech of the western parties of the JCPOA, especially the Americans, is not a new thing”.

“The American officials well know that Iran will neither negotiate nor make concessions under pressure and threats. Iran has been committed to the JCPOA and fulfilled its commitments under the deal. The need for the JCPOA is not Iran’s unilateral need,” he added.

Regarding Iran-Saudi Arabia talks, the spokesman said, “We believe that improving relations between Tehran and Riyadh is in line with the mutual and regional interests”.

The Iraqi government has made constructive efforts regarding the Tehran-Riyadh talks and Iran welcomes any measures to complete this process, he emphasized.

Pointing to the issues discussed between Iran and Iraq during Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani’s visit to Tehran, Kanaani said, “Tehran attaches great importance to the issue of border security and in this meeting, the Iraqi government promised to implement some commitments regarding security issues”.

The Iraqi government is determined to deploy forces to the Iran-Iraq border, especially along Iran’s border with the Kurdistan region of Iraq, he said, adding that this measure will be a positive step in establishing security and stability on the borders of the two countries.

He also reacted to illegal and interventionist moves of some Western governments against Iran under the pretext of internal developments in the country.

“Iran has officially and openly announced its positions through the media, negotiations, and meetings,” he said.

“Any misuse of Iran’s internal developments to exert political pressure against our country is condemned and unacceptable,” Kanaani stressed.

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