Baku 2022 Baku Greco-Roman World Championship games were held on November 5th and 6th in Azerbaijan’s capital city.

Iran’s championship was gained with 5-5 result with Azerbaijan, but 21-19 positive points in Iran’s favor. That was while in some matches biased judgements of the referees led to defeat of some highly competent Iranian athletes.

This was the Iran national Greco-Roman team’s 6th world championship, and the previous 5 championships of Iran, namely the one in Yerevan in 2010, in Minsk in 2011, in Saransk in 2014, in Tehran in 2014, and in Shiraz in 2016.

According to the World Wrestling Union (FILA) the world cup winner in Greco-Roman field in awarded 70,000 Swiss francs, the 2nd team 20,000, and the 3rd team 10,000.The World Stars Team, too, in the qualification match versus Turkey gained the 3rd world place in a 5-5 tie and 22-19 positive point.

The Iranian national team yesterday in its first matches in Baku 2022 Baku Greco-Roman World Championship managed to beat Serbia 6-4. The Iranian champions had in their 2nd series of wrestling, too, beat Kyrgyzstan 8-2 to reach the final.

Won matches in details: Iran 5, Azerbaijan 555Kg: Puya Dadmarz 1 – Uldaniz Azizli 460Kg: Mahdi Mohsenezhad 5 – Nijhad Zahid Mamdali 463Kg: Iman Mohammadi 8 – Taleh Mammadov 067Kg: Seyyed Danial Sohrabi 1 – Hasrat Jafarov 572Kg: Mohammad-Reza Rostami 3 – Uluy Qanzadeh 477Kg: Aref Habibollahi 1 – Sanan Soleimanov 782Kg: Mohammad-Hossein Mahmudi 1 – Rafiq Hosseinov 587Kg: Abolfazl Chupani 2 -Murad Ahmadiyev 197Kg: Mahdi Bali 5 – Arif Niftoilov 2130Kg: Ali-Akbar Yusefi 6 – Buka Kandlaki 3


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