During the drills, the missile systems including “Khordard 15”, “Khordad 3”, “Majid” and “Dezfoul” could destroy the definite targets.

The spokesman of the military drills Second Brigadier General Amir Abbas Farajpour declared, “Short-range air defense system known as “Dezfoul” could detect and intercept the definite targets successfully”.

“During the joint drills, we ran a simulation of cruise missile and guided drones attacks to assess the capabilities of Iranian missile systems known as “Majid” and “Dezfoul” at the low range and height,” he added.

Regarding other systems, “Khordad 15” is a medium-range air defense that has the capability of destroying a wide range of targets through high offensive capabilities, including reconnaissance aircraft, bombers and tactical fighters which are able to detect and intercept 6 targets.

Moreover, “Khordad 3” is equipped with a radar and has the capability to identify 4 targets and fire 8 missiles simultaneously.

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