Iranian cmdr. reacts to US decision to send carrier to region

Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi made the remarks on Monday on the sidelines of the Army Air Force aerial drill codnamed Fadaeeyan-e Hareem-e Velayat 11 (Devotees of Velayat Sanctuary 11).
“Americans come to and go from the region for years with illusions. However, the point is that the security of the region will be maintained only with the participation of the countries of the region,” the Iranian army commander said.
He was reacting to the media reports last Tuesday that Washington had planned to dispatch an aircraft carrier with a new fleet of F-16 warplanes to the Strait of Hormuz.
He added, “The presence of extra-regional powers will have no result but creating insecurity and damage to the people and countries in the region.”
As regards the aerial exercise, General Mousavi said that the war games is held by the Iranian armed forces to increase the level of preparedness of the troops to defend the country
He stressed that the drill’s programs are going ahead according to the schedule.

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