Iranian deputy FM calls for rise in non-oil exchanges between Iran, Kazakhstan

The meeting was chaired by Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Mehdi Safari. Members of the headquarters including the directors of the relevant bodies were also in attendance.

In the meeting, the Iranian deputy foreign minister described exporting technical and engineering services as a highly important move that have the potential to earn foreign currency for Iran. Safari then noted that banking restrictions on issuing guarantees poses one of the most important hurdles to exports of technical and engineering services to neighboring countries and those beyond the region.

He went on to say, “In this regard, coordination and consensus meetings were held between the Foreign Ministry and the Economy and Finance Ministry, and the result has been conveyed to the Presidency’s Deputy Office for Economic Affairs for further review.”

Safari noted that if the obstacle to issuance of guarantees is removed, the pace of exporting technical and engineering services will increase.

Other participants in the meeting also presented their views and explored ways of removing obstacles to exports of technical and engineering services.

Safari underlined the necessity of assessing and examining the activity of the economic commissions and issuing monthly reports about the performance of the commissions. He also spoke about the Iran and Kazakhstan Joint Economic Commission.

Safari described Kazakhstan as an important and strategic country in terms of exports and imports, food security, mines, transportation, and energy. Safari noted that cooperation with Kazakhstan has many benefits for Iran, adding that it is necessary for all ministries to cooperate with the Iran and Kazakhstan Joint Economic Commission and pursue the matter so that the volume of non-oil ties between the two countries reach the projected levels.

Other participants in the meeting also expressed their views about the issues under discussions. They also presented their proposals and solutions.

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