Iranian deputy FM: Nuclear talks underway/ we have no direct interactions with US

Ali Bagheri in an interview with Al-Manar declared, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has attained certain achievements. However, superpowers want to show these improvements as a sort of threat to counter with us. They want to pretend that the achievements are not peaceful, whereas these claims are utterly false and Iran’s nuclear activities are based on the agreements of the IAEA”.

“We have recently witnessed a slow trend in the process of the sanctions removal talks but these negotiations continue. Both sides are currently conveying their own messages and announcing their own approaches,” he added.

Regarding this issue, Bagheri stressed, “We have no direct interactions with the US. The messages are being conveyed by European and sometimes non-European mediators”.

His words came after US President Joe Biden has already claimed that the negotiations were “dead”.

Ali Bagheri, with referring to Iran’s red lines, stressed, “One of our most important red lines is securing guarantees during the talks. They should give the guarantees to reaffirm their commitment. In fact, our main goal is lifting the sanctions in a way that Iranian people feel the influence on their lives”.

When asked whether Joe Biden is capable of lifting all economic sanctions, Bagheri noted, “Eventually, this is their duty to lift the sanctions. The US announced its readiness to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”.

“Reviving the JCPOA naturally depends on the will of both sides. Also, the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that if the US doesn’t surpass Iran’s red lines, Iran is ready to revive the JCPOA at the shortest time,” he added.

In case of Tehran-Riyadh talks, the Iranian diplomat said, “The talks are underway, and this is a normal thing that time is required to make the ties closer”.

“The Zionist regime has nothing that worries us. They can never think of invading Iran. If they dream of invading Iran at night, they will be sure that they never wake up,” he stated while asked about if Iran is worried about the Zionist regime.

Ali Bagheri concluded the interview with referring to Russia-Ukraine war, “Prior to the war, Iran has had ties with both Russia and Ukraine and the war never allows us to cut off the relationship. We have already announced that we are neutral in this war and we never help any sides”.

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