Iranian diplomat Asadollah Asadi freed from Belgium

“Mr.Asadollah Asadi, the innocent diplomat of our country, who was detained in Germany and Belgium illegally and contrary to international law for more than two years, is now on his way back to homeland and will soon enter our beloved Iran,” Amir-Abdollahian wrote in a tweet on Friday.
The top Iranian diplomat also thanked the Sultanate of Oman for its positive efforts in this regard.
In February 2021, a Belgian court sentenced Assadi to 20 years in prison after accusing him of planning an alleged attack against the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO).
Iran’s Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the jail term as completely unlawful at the time, saying it is in violation of Assadi’s diplomatic immunity, and a result of Belgium’s falling under the influence of the MKO.
Commenting on the issue, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kan’ani called the scenario a “Big Lie” which was formed by the Zionists and the US with the aim of creating a crisis in the relations between Iran and Europe.
“This conspiracy took place right after the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA,” Kan’ani said on Friday.
He went on to say that some European states were influenced by the indoctrination of the Zionist regime and the MKO terrorist group, and in violation of international obligations, after the “arbitrary arrest” of Assadi, sentenced him to 20 years in prison in a completely political show court.
“From the beginning, the Islamic Republic of Iran, by adopting logical positions and defending the rights of Iranians, while declaring protest and condemning the violation of the diplomatic immunity of the Iranian diplomat, exerted all its efforts to free this Iranian citizen and diplomat,” he continued, adding that finally, following the joint security meetings and consultations between the foreign ministers of Iran and Belgium, the release of this hostage diplomat was achieved through a bilateral agreement with the Belgian government.

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