Iranian film “Bag of Rice” to be screened at 2023 Berlinale

The Retrospective section of 2023 Berlinale includes the screening of a series of works selected by international directors, actors, actresses and screenwriters.

“Bag of Rice” is about a young child and her elderly neighbour who encounter a host of hurdles buying a bag of rice in the teeming metropolis of Teheran.

This formally reductive, yet delightful film features a vivid amateur performance in the child lead, according to Berlinale.

The cast includes Masume Eskandari, Jairan Abadzadeh and Shirin Bina.

The festival has revealed Panorama and Generation strand selections for the 2023 edition so far, as well as Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Classics, Retrospective and coproduction market titles. The full lineup will be revealed on Jan. 23.

The festival runs from Feb. 16-22.

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