Iranian-made smart munitions best in world: minister

Iranian defense minister Brigadier General Amir Mohammad-Reza Gharaei Ashtiani made the remarks in a ceremony held at the defense ministry compound with the participation of the scientists and military experts working with the ministry.

Referring to the great defense achievements made in the country despite the fact that the country’s defense sector has been under severe sanctions, General Ashtiani said, “The progress in the defense and military fields is based on the teachings of the holy Quran, Islamic rules, the way shown by the Ahl al-Bayt, and in line with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s guidelines and we will definitely take more advanced and successful steps in the future than today.”

“In the past, smart ammunition was considered one of the merits and was monopolized in the hands of the colonial system. No doubt, the smart ammunition made by experts and scientists in the defense industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the best in the world,” the minister further underscored.

“Today, the defense ministry is ready to provide its scientific progress in the field of defense to other bodies and organizations,” General Ashtiani concluded.


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