Iranian Navy seeks ‘effective presence’ on intl. stage: cmdr.

Admiral Irani made the remarks on Saturday, as he arrived at the Pulkovo International Airport in St. Petersburg to attend the parade celebrating the Day of the Russian Navy, Press TV reported.
The Navy chief highlighted naval diplomacy as a key mission pursued by navies worldwide, including the Iranian Navy.
He stressed that annual joint exercises conducted with the navies of Russia and China in Chabahar, the Makran coast, and the Indian Ocean were part of their naval diplomacy efforts.
Admiral Irani further noted that he has traveled to St. Petersburg upon the official invitation of the Commander of the Russian Navy, adding that Iranian ships will also take part in the parade.
The Navy chief is also scheduled to hold meetings with a number of his foreign counterparts on the sidelines of the event.
Russia’s naval event will be held on Sunday with the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and high-ranking defense officials from 21 countries.
The Iranian Navy has deployed three vessels to Russia to take part in the parade north of the Caspian Sea.
In July 2021, Iranian Navy destroyer Sahand and its accompanying support vessel Makran participated in the naval parade on the occasion of Russian Navy Day in St. Petersburg.

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