Mahdi Safari, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy hosted the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the country’s special envoy for BRICS affairs Sergey Ryabkov at the Iranian foreign ministry compound in Tehran on Wednesday.
During the talks, Ryabkov once again congratulated Iran’s membership in the BRICS group and pointed out the beginning of Russia’s rotating presidency from the beginning of January 2024.
The Russian deputy foreign minister highlighted Russia’s priorities in relation to BRICS during his country’s presidency and presented an briefing on the history and background of BRICS actions.
Safari, for his part in the meeting, described the field of BRICS activities as very broad and diverse.
The Iranian side also expressed the country’s resolve to actively participate in the group and said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran will make its utmost efforts to play an effective and constructive role in it.
In this round of talks, BRICS activities in economic, financial, trade, energy, transportation, parliamentary, agriculture, new technologies, scientific research, health, information technology, environment, air-space, sports, cultural, youth and BRICS development in the future were also discussed and exchanged. ​ ​KI