Iranian veteran painter Jalal Shabahangi passes away at 88

Born in 1935 in Tehran, Shabahangi was a stylish and creative painter who Illustrated landscapes of plains and deserts.

Shabahangi pursued his passion for painting by studying the visual arts from a young age. In 1967, he received a master’s degree in Graphic Design from the University of San Jose, California. In 1968, he joined the University of Tehran’s Faculty of Fine Art upon his return and taught various courses in visual arts for thirty years as a professor and associate professor there as well as at other universities.

He has also been professionally engaged in glasswork throughout his artistic life.

Jalal Shabahangi has had a significant role in the Iranian art scene and held many shows in Iran and abroad.

The artist’s works have gone up for sale at public auction 10 times, mostly in the Painting category.


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