Iran’s $50 bn export hits 40-year record, Raeisi says

Addressing the ceremony of the fifth Export Potential Exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRAN EXPO 2023), Ppresident Raeisi hailed Iran’s achievements in medical and health issues.

It is very important that Iranian experts produce 95% of the medicine needed in the country and export them, Raeisi said.

Saying that the enemies seek to hinder Iran’s military, nuclear, and scientific achievements, he added today, Iran’s knowledge in defense and nuclear industries has been localized.

Since taking office, the 13th government has been able to export goods worth more than $50 billion, breaking the record in recent 40 years.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Raeisi noted Iran is following the nuclear negotiations from the position of dignity.

It was the Americans who left the negotiation table and failed to fulfill their commitments under the JCPOA, he also said, noting that IAEA has several times acknowledged that Iran has fulfilled its commitments.

In no way will Iran tie economic and commercial activities to the nuclear negotiations, he also stressed.


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