Iran’s annual trade with OIC rises by 13% to over $59 bn

Iran’s trade with the OIC member states, excluding crude oil exports, reached 97.33 million tons worth $59.73 billion in fiscal 2022-23 (ended March 20), registering a 2.8% fall in terms of weight, but a 13.56% rise in value compared with the corresponding period of last year.

The latest data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration also show that the UAE with 24.35 million tons (up 3.71%) worth $24.16 billion (up 12.57%) was Iran’s top trade partner among OIC member states. It was followed by Turkey with 18.16 million tons (down 6.68%) worth $13.55 billion (up 19.07%) and Iraq with 27.43 million tons (down 15.81%) worth $10.5 billion (up 3.84%).


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