Iran’s cultural week in Russia to be held soon: official

Speaking to Iranian media on Saturday, Abdolreza Saifi, director general of cooperation and regulations of cultural exports department of the Islamic Culture & Relations Organization of Iran said that Iran’s cultural week will be held in Russia based on the cultural agreement between the two countries.

Saifi said that the Covid-19 restrictions delayed the holding of the event in recent years.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will be a guest of the Russian side for a week at the invitation of the Russian government and the Ministry of Culture,” he added.

The officials said during the cultural week in Russia Iranian handicrafts with the participation of Iranian artists will be introduced to Russian visitors.

Saifi said that prominent Iranian movies will be screened during the week, while a joint orchestra with the participation of artists from both countries will be performed.

“Mr. Esmaili, our country’s the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance will be the highest-ranking official present in the event,” he added.

In relevant remarks, Iran’s Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali said on Friday that the Iranian Culture Week event will be held in Moscow early next month.


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